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Growing your assets faster and more effectively.

We are a Members-only club, offering wealth management for the astute investor.

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Welcome to The Route – City wealth club

The Route – City wealth club is exclusively available to Members. We are committed to working with each for the long term and pride ourselves on our open and transparent approach. We focus on your individual financial aims and proactively track these over time. Through access to the different elements of our proposition, our intention is to Members’ expectations of service, quality of advice and investment return.

The Route was established to serve High Net Worth and sophisticated City professionals based mainly in London and the South East. Today, its reach has expanded to include Members with UK assets located in mainland Europe, North America, and the Middle & Far East.

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Our Members include current and previous Directors and Managing Directors at:

Membership at The Route

Members are at the heart of our business.

Once introduced, they tend to stay with us for many years – during their working lives, post career and through retirement. Our approach has been built over time and solely through introductions from satisfied Members. Each that enrols can be traced back to the first Members who joined The Route 20 years ago.

Our Members approach us with a variety of assets accumulated over the years from previous advice, company benefits or ad-hoc financial planning. Most are looking for a consolidated approach to wealth management, in order to simplify their arrangements and to gain access to products unavailable elsewhere in the market. They are typically:

  • Directors and Managing Directors of investment banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions
  • Partners at Private Equity and Law firms
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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What our Members say

“I very much like the people as well as the thoroughness and professionalism of the business.” — David Beaton, Member since 2012
“If you want access to bespoke products giving excellent returns, away from the mainstream, this is the place to go.” — Paul Coode, Member since 2005

The value of long-term investing

In these uncertain times it’s now more important than ever to look past the short-term day to day noise and remain focused on the longer term. Quite simply, investing for the long term gives your capital the greatest chance of growing in value. But this means holding your nerve during periods of significant stock market…

Making an Impact – How The Route’s PDP Facilitates Significant Property Projects

There was a time – and wasn’t too long ago – when Liverpool could stake a claim to being the centre of the cultural universe.  It wasn’t just about the Beatles. Then as now, the city was a thriving hub for music, poetry and the visual arts, all existing within the larger context of an…

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There’s a good chance you already know one or more of our Members through your business network. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you grow your assets faster, and with less risk, please get in touch.

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