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Category: Wealth management

Under One Roof – Why It Can Make Sense to Consolidate Investments

Although not universally the case, a decision to start a family very often coincides with the busiest and most productive period of working life.   And of course, that’s not really surprising. For those who are climbing the corporate ladder, real success – in the form of promotion, a partnership, or a seat on the…

Hitting the Target –  The Benefits of Goal-Based Investing

Most of us set goals for ourselves – some short term, others based on priorities and objectives that will deliver the desired outcome five, ten or twenty years down the line. Many of those goals will require little or no financial planning, but others certainly will. Whether, the objective is to start a business, retire…

It’s Been A Tumultuous Year But Investment Carries On  

The United Kingdom’s December began with yet more political drama in the shape of Parliamentary deadlock over the agreement paving the way for withdrawal from the European Union and a subsequent vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. The vote failed and Theresa May resumed her attempts to win support for her exit deal….

Market Lending Platforms Outperform 90% of Bond and Property Funds

Platform lending has been with us for around eight years now  – ever since the launch of Funding Circle, in fact – but for many investors, it remains an untried concept. Yes, this corner of the financial services industry has grown rapidly since 2010, in terms of those who lend and borrow through the available…