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The proposition has been designed to cater for all aspects of your financial arrangements. As a Member of The Route, you have access to the technical advisors and services across the offering, and a dedicated Relationship Manager who is responsible for all of your affairs.

The Route – Membership

When you join The Route, we take the time necessary to fully understand your financial circumstances and your life goals. We then work with you to create an approach that’s tailored to your needs and objectives.

This begins with your Member Integration, where we take the time necessary during the onboarding process to understand:

  • Your profile – personal, career & make up
  • Your financial arrangements
  • Your life goals and when you wish to accomplish them by

As part of this integration, you will have a tailored schedule of meetings to introduce you to the different parts of our client offering, and to identify the key areas where significant value can be added. This may include discussing solutions aimed at protecting and growing your assets with less risk, whilst focusing on maximising tax efficiency and organising your estate in the most effective way via The Route – Future. As a consequence, putting in place a structured financial plan better aligned to delivering your life goals.

Once this plan is in place, your dedicated Relationship Manager will agree a proactive ongoing service plan of structured meetings and ad-hoc reviews, to ensure that:

1) Your financial arrangements stay aligned to your life goals
2) You stay up to date on the allocation and performance of your assets
3) Any changes (which are inevitable) are identified and dealt with accordingly

The Route – Future

The Route – Future, our regulated Independent Financial Advisory service, provides considered financial and investment planning, based on your personal aims and objectives.

Members have access to a dedicated team that advises on and/or manages, amongst others:

  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), personal & private pensions, and General Investment Accounts (GIA)
  • Risk-managed model and discretionary fund management portfolios
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)
  • Insurance and protection policies

We consider The Route – Future as being our Members’ eyes and ears. As it is fully-independent, it means that we have access to the whole market and only recommend best-in-breed regulated products and services. These are tailored to the individual requirements of each Member, removing the time-consuming responsibility of self-selection, whilst giving peace of mind that your arrangements are proactively reviewed in light of an ever-changing world.

The Route – Finance

The Route – Finance’s Private Debt Platform gives Members access to short term, Secured Loan investments. These provide excellent potential to grow your assets effectively whilst diversifying your portfolio and offering a degree of protection against capital risk.

We aim for 13 to 15% per annum coupons built on short term, secured debt opportunities, with a focus on property development finance. These loans have terms of no longer than 24 months, are asset-backed with first legal charge over UK land and/or property, and security coverage targeting 140% of capital plus interest.

Since 2014, we have:

  • Lent over £160 million
  • Paid £15 million+ in interest to our Members
  • Achieved weighted average returns in excess of 18% per annum

The Route – Property

The property market offers significant opportunities for Members to grow their assets. Whether you’re looking to finance buying a new home, re-mortgaging an existing property or considering direct property investment, The Route – Property is here to help.

Directly-authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, we offer bespoke borrowing solutions for your main residence and second homes, including multi-currency mortgages and portfolio loans for Buy-to-Let properties. With an established network of specialist brokers and intermediaries within the High Net Worth market, we can also help you protect these valued assets.

In addition, our comprehensive General Insurance offering enables access to a range of market-leading providers. We offer specialist cover for:

  • Home & Contents (including listed, thatched and other non-standard properties)
  • Rental properties
  • UK and overseas holiday homes
  • Art & jewellery
  • Classic cars
  • Family cars
  • Boats
  • Travel
  • Business

The Route – Income

Your income and accumulated assets are at the very heart of planning for your future. To assist Members make the most of every pound they earn and profit they make, an important part of our approach is to focus on tax efficiency (not to be confused with tax avoidance).

Non-contentious tax mitigation helps you map out your liabilities and reduce the amount of tax you pay each year. The Route – Income works with a network of tax professionals to provide assistance on tax matters. If you seek specific advice on how best to receive and hold assets tax efficiently, we will be able to put you in touch with those who can help best.

What our Members say

“I very much like the people as well as the thoroughness and professionalism of the business.” — David Beaton, Member since 2012
“If you want access to bespoke products giving excellent returns, away from the mainstream, this is the place to go.” — Paul Coode, Member since 2005

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There’s a good chance you already know one or more of our Members through your business network. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you grow your assets faster, and with less risk, please get in touch.

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