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Providing excellent
potential to grow
your assets effectively.

With over £160 million lent by Members since 2014,
you can have total confidence in our secured loan investments.

The Route – Finance

The Route – Finance’s Private Debt Platform gives Members access to short term, Secured Loan investments. These provide excellent potential to grow your assets effectively whilst diversifying your portfolio and offering a degree of protection against capital risk.

We aim for 13 to 15% per annum coupons built on short term, secured debt opportunities, with a focus on property development finance. These loans have terms of no longer than 24 months, are asset-backed with first legal charge over UK land and/or property, and security coverage targeting 140% of capital plus interest.

Since 2014, we have:

  • Lent over £160 million
  • Paid £15 million+ in interest to our Members
  • Achieved weighted average returns in excess of 18% per annum

Capital at risk.