The Route – Future

The Route – Future: An Overview

The Route – City wealth club’s Members have told us repeatedly how, after a long day’s work, that they do not want to spend their time poring over numerous pieces of paper from different companies, trying to figure out whether their finances are on track, or that changes need to be made. The Route – Future provides a service that does this for you.

The Route – Future offers:

  • Bespoke fund management portfolios
  • Syndicated investment opportunities
  • Asset creation and financial risk protection • Tax efficient investment advice
  • Sophisticated retirement structures
  • Protection reviews
  • Estate planning solutions

Or, to put it in a nutshell, it makes sure your estate, investment holdings and protection are all regularly and proactively managed. The Route – Future also puts a lot of thought into making sure the process of reviewing and updating you on your financial arrangements and life goals planning is as simple and efficient as possible. Of course, if you want more detailed information, delivered in the most straightforward way, just ask.

A complete service

When you join The Route – City wealth club, the team will begin by assisting you with the administration of all your assets and policies. The makeup of the investments in your portfolio is reviewed to make sure it matches your life goals, while also maximising its tax efficiency. A review will be conducted to make sure your protection cover, retirement planning and estate planning match your life situation and income. If any gaps or shortfalls are identified, you will be advised on the most effective way to address them.

Always up to date

As you get to know The Route, you will discover that whenever any legislative changes or opportunities arise, that may be relevant to you, you’ll be advised promptly, once an internal assessment of their implication has been made. That’s because The Route – Future’s dedicated advisers are kept fully up to speed with market developments as they happen by its Research and Development team.

Investment Management

Having reviewed your existing arrangements, assessed your attitude to investment risk and agreed on a logical strategy to achieve your Life Goals, the specific investment opportunities that are available to you will be considered. If it is appropriate for you to have exposure to traditional fund based investment management portfolios, The Route – Future will consider a variety of options before choosing with you, what would be best – whether it be a passive or hybrid portfolio, access to a discretionary asset manager or using The Route – Future’s Investment Platform. Once your fund portfolio has been set up, The Route – Future will provide, within the Annual Service Plan, a structured process of reviews, reports and advice to ensure it both:


  • Remains aligned to your objectives; and
  • Provides you with the peace of mind that your investments are proactively being looked after in exactly the way you want them to be.

Tax Year Allowances

When it comes to investing money, if there is an asset that you want to buy and has been assessed as suitable for you, then The Route – Future will decide how to buy and/or hold it most tax efficiently, hopefully within one or more of HMRC’s approved tax wrappers. The ISA, Innovative Finance ISA, Junior ISA, pension, VCT, EIS and SEIS wrappers are usually a good place to start, and other opportunities do emerge from time to time.

During the Integration phase of your Membership, each of these allowances will be discussed with you in as much detail as you prefer, to ensure you are fully conversant of all of the options available. Each tax year you will be encouraged to use the wrappers that have been identified as suitable, with the correct weighting and proportions as per your life goals, to make sure you are building your assets, in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Syndicated investment opportunities

If your portfolio does not deliver exactly what you want, The Route – Future can create sophisticated investment opportunities, designed specifically for you, sometimes bringing together the resources of your fellow Members in syndicated investments. It can also manage the legal aspects of your investments and estate, providing access to inheritance tax planning, Will writing, Lasting Power of Attorney documents, life policy trusts and advice on charitable donations.


The Route’s 360 ̊ approach to wealth management works to meet all of your financial goals, keeping you updated with everything you need to know and giving you access to market leading advisers. With The Route – Future, you’ll have everything covered.

Members’ Testimonials
"I very much like the people as well as the thoroughness and professionalism of the business

David Beaton, A Member since 2012


David Beaton, A Member since 2012

"I very much like the people as well as the thoroughness and professionalism of the business
"If you want access to bespoke products giving excellent returns away from the mainstream, this is the place to go

Paul Coode, A Member since 2005


Paul Coode, A Member since 2005

"If you want access to bespoke products giving excellent returns away from the mainstream, this is the place to go
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